quinta-feira, 11 de março de 2010

        PASTELS , on black passepartout

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  1. me encanta la técnica de tiza pastel, esas líneas azules le dan un reale particular. Todo tu trabajo es bellísimo!!

  2. Gracias Luissiana por tu comentario , y a mi me gusta mucho lo que escrebes y como , con suavidad y fuerza .

  3. WOW! I love all of your drawings! Are they all in pastels?
    I used to paint a lot and have a degree in Art & Design.
    Sorry that I cannot speak Spanish, but I do hope that we can stay in touch!
    Big hugs!

  4. Hello Alice in Wonderland , this one, here is in Soft Pastels. My work is mainly in oils on canvas ,and I do some studio in Acrylic on board .
    By the way I am Italian , Australian and my grandparents and mother were Argentinians ...

    I have big problems with the Google friends , and I do not know what to do !!!!
    My photo disappear and the name change systematically after one day or so .
    Does it happen to U too ?
    Take care

  5. Precioso !!!
    Me atraen muchisimo los caballos ,muy bonito tu cuadro !!!!

  6. Oh! I had this same problem too a few weeks ago. For some reason only part of my profile picture would show up, so I had to go through all of my blogs and change it back to how it was originally!
    The painting that I use is of me! I have a degree in Art & Design and I also used to pose.
    Sorry about me mistaking you as Spanish!
    Take care!

  7. Hi ,no problem I love South America !!!
    I couldn't solve the problem :it happens again and again.
    Sorry !!!To all the friends who are in my followers : "I will follow Your blogs and leave comments , at least they do not disappear !!!"
    see U there

  8. Gracias Pao , a mi tambien me gustan (: